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Hi David,
The delay is 75nSec as you said, but the risetime is 175pSec which is also a
consideration, although probably not for the 106 pulse generator which, I
suspect, has about a 1nSec risetime.
The service manual for the 106 recommends a Tektronix 4S3 which only
has a bandwidth of 1 GHz nicely matching the 7S14 or S1 so a 7M11
would be plenty fast.

I tried several ways to measure John Addis' little TD Pulse Generator
(067-0681-01) which had a 30pSec risetime and I could not use the 7M11. The
Random Sampling Mode of the 7T11 had so much time jitter on the fastest
sweep speeds that it didn't work either. In the end I had to give up.
I have had good results with random sampling mode on my 7T11A however
it is very finicky at best. Under ideal conditions, it easily met the
specified 30 picoseconds of jitter in random sampling mode.

The difficulty of knowing if the 7T11 is working correctly and
repairing it if not is why I would recommend a 7S14 instead despite
the battery issue.

Dennis Tillman W7PF

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