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Brian Bloom

Certainly sounds like it would be easier to mod a 7s14 than deal with multiple units and their own independent costs and issues.

I managed to find Mercury cells of the correct voltage, though. Not to say that they are the correct physical size.. at $50 for 4 of them, I may as well just go thru with the mods so it'll just be done in the event those cells inevitably die. (hopefully I find a 7s14 in the near-er future!)

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Each sampling input in the 7S14 takes 2 mercury cells so there are 4
cells total.

One option is to replace the original batteries with silver oxide or
alkaline cells. If the slightly higher voltage is a problem, then
either small signal schottky rectifiers can be added in series with
the batteries or the sampling drive circuit can be adjusted to produce
a slightly higher output by lowering the value of R15 and R17.

Another option is to use a photovoltaic optocoupler with a pair of
shunt diodes on the output to produce floating 1.35 volt supplies for
each sampling head.

I think doing the above would be easier than dealing with a

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