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Each sampling input in the 7S14 takes 2 mercury cells so there are 4
cells total.

One option is to replace the original batteries with silver oxide or
alkaline cells. If the slightly higher voltage is a problem, then
either small signal schottky rectifiers can be added in series with
the batteries or the sampling drive circuit can be adjusted to produce
a slightly higher output by lowering the value of R15 and R17.

Another option is to use a photovoltaic optocoupler with a pair of
shunt diodes on the output to produce floating 1.35 volt supplies for
each sampling head.

I think doing the above would be easier than dealing with a

On 14 Feb 2016 19:39:13 -0800, you wrote:

I am definitely open to modifying a unit to meet modern requirements - or whatever must be done to get it working. With the price of a 7M11 at well over $200, if I could score a 7S14 for cheap it would be fantastic, regardless of the battery issues. I'll have to get my hands on one to see what you mean about the space being limited for modifications and alternatives, though. In that scenario, I suppose that you mean I would need to externally power it from a floating supply.... and I'd have no problem with doing so if it provides me a functional sampling unit.

On another note, I just smacked myself for buying a 7584 when I need sampling plugins - not another scope!! I suppose I'm not alone here in my addiction to impulsive purchases of old high-end Tek gear, though...

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