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Brian Bloom


Yes, the 106 is specified at 1nSec or less.
I would love to get my hands on a 284, which has a 250ps risetime, but I missed my last ebay opportunity for it. There's currently a 110 pulse gen up for grabs. It's missing half the case, though.

That little 30ps TD pulser is another piece I want/may need for the 485s in my stash. I suppose I could steal a TD from one and build my own if I must, though. The 113 delay cable is spec'd for less than 100psec risetime, which is what concerned me about using alternatives for the 106 cal. That's the best I've seen in my web/Tekwiki surfing regarding risetime of delay line. It doesn't sound like even that would be up to the task of measuring the '0681-01 though.

As for the 113, there's one up for grabs on ebay which the seller may be negotiable on if someone here is interested in one. I can't justify buying it right now as much as I want it.


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Hi David,
The delay is 75nSec as you said, but the risetime is 175pSec which is also a
consideration, although probably not for the 106 pulse generator which, I
suspect, has about a 1nSec risetime.

I tried several ways to measure John Addis' little TD Pulse Generator
(067-0681-01) which had a 30pSec risetime and I could not use the 7M11. The
Random Sampling Mode of the 7T11 had so much time jitter on the fastest
sweep speeds that it didn't work either. In the end I had to give up.

Dennis Tillman W7PF

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