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Brian Bloom

I am definitely open to modifying a unit to meet modern requirements - or whatever must be done to get it working. With the price of a 7M11 at well over $200, if I could score a 7S14 for cheap it would be fantastic, regardless of the battery issues. I'll have to get my hands on one to see what you mean about the space being limited for modifications and alternatives, though. In that scenario, I suppose that you mean I would need to externally power it from a floating supply.... and I'd have no problem with doing so if it provides me a functional sampling unit.

On another note, I just smacked myself for buying a 7584 when I need sampling plugins - not another scope!! I suppose I'm not alone here in my addiction to impulsive purchases of old high-end Tek gear, though...

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Hi David and Brian,
Yes, the 7S14 is much easier to use, and it is dual channel with a dual
timebase which makes it an excellent sampling combination. Plus you can
usually find them for next to nothing. Bandwidth is limited to 1GHz which is
probably going to be fine.

This is the bad news... Mercury is banned in most countries.
Unfortunately the mercury cell in the sampling front end of each channel is
certainly dead by now. These plugins are all 40+ years old by now. The
mercury cells lasted 10 times longer than anything made today but 40 years
is impossible for any battery. There are no direct replacements for these
cells. Space inside the front ends is very tight which limits the possible

Alternative ways of powering the sampling front end have been discussed
(look in the archives) and if you can live with one of those solutions a
7S14 would be a excellent solution.

Dennis Tillman W7PF

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