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Buy the 7S11 and a 7T11 sampling plugins for your 7613. Then get an S1 or S2 head for the 7S11. That will allow you to calibrate the 106. It will also teach you about sampling measurements which are a fascinating aspect of oscilloscope measurements.
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Thank you for allowing me to join this dedicated group!

My name is Brian.
I am a 29 year old in the East Coast area of the USA.
I have always been a technically inclined person, learning trades with ease - even teaching myself some, including residential wiring. I thought that my entrance into the EE world would go as well..... (HA!!) After attempting to " learn as I go", I chose to buckle down and buy some books to read/study/reference. Such books as the highly recommended set - Electronics for inventors, Engineering Mathematics, Art of Electronics - and later books dedicated to subjects such as semiconductors, logic, etc.

I currently own several 400 series scopes, one 7613, and plenty of calibration signal generators.
I also broke down and bought a modern scope to supplement all the analog gear, and especially to help me learn/troubleshoot/build.

I am aware of a bit of Tektronix history, and seeing the historical value, real value, and high quality of vintage Tektronix gear has gotten me hooked - I want to learn and have my own little piece of that history. The kind of quality that Tektronix offered back in it's glory days is unprecedented and will likely never be seen again, which makes me more anxious to obtain and restore these pieces of history while they are still obtainable and before people tear them to shreds for parts/scrap money.

My first and second projects will be the finishing up of the repair and calibration of a 468 and the calibration of my 465. I just need to get my newly repaired 106 square wave gen's fast rise output section calibrated somehow....
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