Re: 7904 - Very Dim Trace

Marian B

On 10.02.2016 22:18, jimmcintyre22@... [TekScopes] wrote:
1N486A is 225V

1N4937 is 600V

Really? I was thinking they'd be much higher...
These diodes only rectify a [clipped] sample of the AC-HV: They only
need to block about twice the maximum Z axis voltage - approx 80-100 V
(depending on grid bias, tube etc), twice that are ~200 V reverse
voltage, at most.

I think almost all parts in the DC restorer circuits are quite critical
for leakage however. Reverse recovery must be fast enough for a couple
dozen kHz operation. (Which reminds me, I still didn't have the time to
look into the 7603 further :/

Cheers, Marian

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