Re: OT: Win 8.1 and 10?

Tom Gardner

Another set of reviews, hints and tips is at Scroll halfway down to get to his Windows stuff.

He's brash and opinionated, but pleasantly o/s agnostic. Worth reading to cut through some of the adulation and flack, and to form an opinion as to what matters (and does not matter) to you.

On 08/02/16 21:01, geoffrey thomas geoffreythomas@... [TekScopes] wrote:

Make up your mind from the above, take your time. Your computer has
probably already downloaded the new win10 system ready to go- 6 GB is
good fun if you're on a limited connection.


On 08/02/2016 20:53, mechanic_2@... [TekScopes] wrote:
Hello all,
I am posing this question in this group because of the high level of experience and knowledge. I have just built a dream computer and I installed Win 8.1 on it. MS is offering Win 10 as an upgrade. Could I please get thoughts on this.

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