Re: Dosemu to run TekMate, FAS and the like


Hey Mark,

this is sure to take me just about forever, if I ever get it done, so don't
hold your breath.
Here at least <> is an old-style
service manual for the NI GPIB-PCIIA card. It seems to contain schematics
for the ISA card as well as suggested test sequences phrased in IO reads
and writes.


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Hey y'all,

I've seen a couple of threads on EEVBlog and the Tek forum where people
claim to have hacked dosemu to emulate the NI GPIB card(s). Presumably
forwards the GPIB calls to Linux-GPIB.
This would allow running TekMate and the TDS field adjust software on
contemporary hardware. I've tried to contact the people who made these
claims a couple of times without success.
I've looked into what this takes a little bit, and it looks pretty
to emulate the hardware, but I'm too much of a GPIB noob to make headway
the translation by myself.
I've mainly played with this because I'd love to be able to take a look
TekMate hooked up to my 2430, and one day I'm sure I'll have to run the
at my TDS784D :).

Have any of y'all done this, or know of code drops related to this that I
could work from?


Well, now that my move to Grayling, Michigan is complete, it's time to
start setting up the shop again. Since I run strictly Linux/Unix here,
I'll be following this with you. I've got a GPIB card that'll be going
in a CentOS system, so I'll be interested to see how this works. I'm
typing this from an Ubuntu laptop, so until I get the shop set up, I may
be able to do a little here on this computer, though I can't hook up a
GPIB card to it.

Still unpacking boxes and setting up the place though, so it may go in
spurts. ;-)





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