Re: OT: Win 8.1 and 10?

Richard R. Pope

When you have a mostly closed system it is easy to make pretty much
everything compatible. This also limits the appeal. Since the PC
hardware and to a lesser extent the OS is a open system there is a huge
market advantage in that, even with some of the hardware and software
issues. True, MS is not the most responsive company in the world but
when you consider the huge amount of hardware and software that will run
even going back to some of the early CPUs they have done a reasonable
job. This is my opinion.

On 2/8/2016 3:40 PM, @Raymond [TekScopes] wrote:

And this is why:

Windows has always suffered from reliability and speed issues through
(in)compatibility issues with third - and fourth etc - party hardware
and driver software, in contrast with Apple's mostly closed world.
The best way to improve for MS is to lose and forget about older
versions and fight harder for compatibility.
I realise that I sound like a devil's advocate (yes, I attribute MS
some devlish behaviour). I use and both like and dislike both Win and
OS X. I like both in their own ways and features and I've seen Apple's
"fairweather stance" in all its aspects and MS's struggle with

I'm sorry, I said I wouldn't get involved in my first post and will
follow through now.


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