Re: OT: Win 8.1 and 10?

Richard R. Pope

How long was it between the time that WinXP was no longer available
to the OEMs and the time that MS discontinued complete support for it?

On 2/8/2016 4:01 PM, Artek Manuals manuals@... [TekScopes]

IMO .if history is any indication WIN-7 will be supported for at least
another 3-5 years

Just last week , I had to take my WIN-XP laptop out of mothballs because
WIN-7/PRO/64 wouldn't run a 16bit DOS based application I needed for a
piece of legacy hardware

If your only running MS based software (Word, IE, Xcel, etc) then go
ahead if you have a piece of non MS software you truly love , I would
contact the developer to see if it is supported in WIN-10 before I went
that way

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