Re: OT: Win 8.1 and 10?


Here I go again...

Is it possible to set up Win 10 to look like Win XP
Yes, AFAIK. Configure Win-10 as though your machine has fewer visual capabilities. It's been possible with previous Win-versions as well. In Win-7 it's in Control Panel, Performance Options, Visual Effects. It will not be exactly XP but have simpler looks and graphical features that you desire. MS does not allow the use of a very limited machine for Win-10, so I don't know how Retro you can go.
Can't say precisely where in Win-10. I have to admit I'm sitting in front of a not-yet-upgraded Win-7 machine. Only reason is lack of time yet and critical machine with users on separate disk, so possibly a bit tricky. No other Win-machine in sight, just Apple OS X...


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