Re: Tektronix (7854 e.a.) Fan Controller revisited


On 07 Feb 2016 12:05:03 -0800, you wrote:

My new 7854 has a Guernsey S/N, something like 1....00175, I think (I'm not where the instrument is ATM).

Many parts and panels are marked 1986. Some June 1987, like the CRT + keyboard front panel.
The (PC-Style) fan is at least as loud as a TDS4xx, my 2465B/2467B, almost as loud as a TDS520/TDS680B.
Not bad bearing noise, just air and some normal mechanical noise.

David, does your RAM+ROM PCB combined version have a PC fan or the more traditional one?
It has a modern "Panaflo" tubeaxial box fan like you would find in a

The change notice that I have says the fan was changed starting with
B090000 which is before the RAM and ROM cards were combined starting
with serial number B100000.

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