Re: Anybody have a nice 465(B) 468 or 475(a) to sell?


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On 28/01/2016 04:49, tranquility@... [TekScopes] wrote:
Tektronix 465, 468 or 475, "A" or "B" variants equally considered to sell? I am looking for a storage scope with at least 100 mHz bandwidth.
Of those only the 468 is storage. Have a look here to sort out
which are and aren't. Homepage>Tektronix for other Tek series.

The 464 and 466 are 100 MHz analog storage oscilloscopes but probably
not what he has in mind. Based on writing rate, the 464 has a single
shot storage bandwidth of about 7.5 MHz and in reduced scan mode, the
466 has a single shot storage bandwidth of about 100 MHz.

I used a 464 about 15 years ago and while it worked, I was not
impressed with the clarity of its storage display compared to the 7834
which I have now but others here have reported better performance.

The 468 is a digital storage oscilloscope but without equivalent time
sampling, its maximum sample rate of 25 MSamples/Second only supports
a pretty low storage bandwidth.

The 2230 was the follow on product to the 468 and it *does* support
equivalent time sampling so its digital storage works to 100 MHz on
repetitive signals. It also supports peak detection which I consider
mandatory in a general purpose DSO. The 2232 is an upgrade to the
2230 with a sample rate of 100 MSamples/Second instead of 20

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