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Tom Gardner

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On 1/28/2016 7:40 AM, Tom Gardner tggzzz@... [TekScopes] wrote:

So Hakan has, probably unwittingly, chosen vendor-specific
non-standard encodings.

With this knowledge, Hakan can choose what they think is the most
course of action.
Unwittingly ????? IMO you owe Hakan an apology. Who defines what is
standard? Who defines how backward compatible software MUST be? Did I
miss the memo where it says you are the person in charge of defining the
global standard? The same software platform works for one user not for
another ( probably release related)
That's rather, um, non-linear - and full of strawman arguments.

Linux, Firefox, Evince: fail
Linux (Ubuntu 14.04 LTS). Firefox v44.0, Evince v3.10.3: Ok.
(Thank you Mark Wendt for putting the software release numbers on your
Yes. So what. I'm not surprised that different people have different results with non-standards. That's life.

Since each of us have publicised our successes and failures, it give us a better idea of where to look to resolve problems. That's life

IMO ( stress opinion ) you choose ( and we did in our business) the
platform that will reach the MOST users. this is most likely at the
moment WIN-7 and Adobe Reader.
No. Earlier versions without non-standard extensions will, it seems, reach more users.

Whether that is an acceptable tradeoff for Hakan's service is not up to me to decide - nor you.

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