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ken chalfant


You are not imagining. All I have ever seen were metal, aluminum I presume, and exactly as you describe. Most in-store consumer tube testers were fitted with these pin straighteners and so were many technician level tube testers.

I only recall straighteners for 7 and 9 pin tubes, but there may have been other configurations. I also remember 7 and 9 pin riser sockets. They might have been 1/2 to 1 inch tall and could be secured to your tube tester socket with a little screw and nut - probably 4-40. You would mount this on your tube tester socket and it would take the insertion/removal abuse of tube testing. When it became unreliable you would replace it. That way you didn’t wear out the “real” socket on the instrument and end up having to unwire and replace it.



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I'm either imagining, or vaguely recall, that some tube testers back in the day had special metal or hard plastic blank sockets that were pin straighteners for the 7- and 9-pin miniatures, and maybe even Loctals and Compactrons. The pin holes were conical, so could accommodate pretty severely bent pins, and would at least center up the tips by the time the base was fully jammed in there.

I'm thinking of the big consumer grade console type test-it-yourself machines that would have been installed in stores, and had to be as foolproof as possible.


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