Re: Protected PDF's

Tom Gardner

On 28/01/16 11:57, aodiversen@... [TekScopes] wrote:

Linux, Firefox (view in Firefox): fine
Linux, Firefox, view with evince: fine
─╣inux, saved file, evince: fine
Looks here we are reporting our own specific problems.
Just so; exactly. If I was the only one having problems, your comment would be a sufficient response.

But it seems quite a few people are having problems for the reasons you define below...

PDF 1.7 is a standard since 2008(!). Also readable by Adobe Reader 8. [Info Wikipedia.] But Hakan's files are PDF 1.7 Extension level 3. Those extensions are Adobe inventions and not a standard; Adobe 9 or higher is needed (also 2008). Level 3 introduces 256-bit AES encryption. For Chrome, DocHub (free in the webstore) can handle this it seems (I don't have Chrome myself, info from
So Hakan has, probably unwittingly, chosen vendor-specific non-standard encodings.

With this knowledge, Hakan can choose what they think is the most appropriate course of action.

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