Re: Anybody have a nice 465(B) 468 or 475(a) to sell?

Malcolm Hunter

I'm guessing you're from the US of A, or don't worry about shipping costs?


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I'm not a big fan of that auction site but I have been watching it for
some time and my eyes have become blurry and my head is throbbing from
reading the same shuck-and-jive in those auction postings. I am guessing
that if an oscilloscope works it will be photographed with a trace so I can
rule out 80% of the ads that look to be setting on the lid of a 55 gallon
drum in somebody's lawnmower shed. The story on just about every one of
them seems to go like this: "I was given this piece of equipment by
somebody and fiddle-dee-dee, Rhett...I'm just a po-ah country bumpkin and
don't know nothin' about it so I don't know how to test it. BUT IT POWERS
ON. I wish they'd just come right out, tell the truth and say the scope has
issues. Now that I've got my rant out of the way I would like to ask this
esteemed group if anyone might have a decent Tektronix 465, 468 or 475, "A"
or "B" variants equally considered to sell? I am looking for a storage
scope with at least 100 mHz bandwidth. Please email me with details.

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