Re: Tek 2215

Torch Fireman


I understand your motives, but even though the "open" password was not set, the encryption was preventing opening of the file, at least on older readers.

PDF locking and security have always been a bit of a joke. I posted one way to remove your security earlier. This website: removes all protections as well. There are numerous paid software packages that will remove the open password, cracking even 256 bit AES encryption (although that may take days on a home computer).

In short, the old adage "a padlock only keeps out the honest man" applies to PDF security as well.

Secondly the documents were all made with Acrobat 9. And yes they are
password protected but not to open
just to change. The reason for that is that I want to preserve the
watermarks to make it a little more unlikely
that the document will show up for sale on eBay which has happened
before with "Troubleshooting Your Oscilloscope" which was the first document I posted >and it was unprotected without watermarks.

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