Re: Tek 2215


The links are definitely new. I was looking for some of these documents
>last year and found the page but it was just a list of document ids and
>descriptions then.

>Unfortunately I'm unable to open any of the files I've downloaded from
>there. Both of my PDF readers are saying they are encrypted and require a

First of all it was not just a list before. At the bottom of the document was a text saying that I would send
any of these document by email on request. The reasons for having it like that was primarily limited space
on the server but also I was curious about how many people wanted them.

Secondly the documents were all made with Acrobat 9. And yes they are password protected but not to open
just to change. The reason for that is that I want to preserve the watermarks to make it a little more unlikely
that the document will show up for sale on eBay which has happened before with "Troubleshooting Your Oscilloscope" which was the first document I posted and it was unprotected without watermarks.


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