Re: Viable alternative to Yahoo

Tom Gardner

On 27/01/16 01:00, David @DWH [TekScopes] wrote:

It is not like a mailing list or at least not like one suitable for
technical discussions:

"Discourse is a simple, flat forum, where replies flow down the page
in a line."
Yuck, indeed.

Look at EEVBlog which allows threading in the form of multi-level
quoting of the context. It contains many interesting questions,
and high-quality thoughtful responses.

In comparison, other stackexchange-wannabe forums only
allow a single level of quoting, has uninteresting questions and
trite "you push this button" answers. See edaboard for one example.

I shall borrow my reply from Groupserver was suggested 3 years ago:

"Eternal September means that those who do understand threading are
condemned to reinvent it."
Also, those that are do not understand usenet are condemned
to reinvent it, poorly :)

Unfortunately usenet is past its sell-by date, having been "replaced"
by commercial walled-gardens.

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