Re: Viable alternative to Yahoo

Torch Fireman

<lol> Ok, I get the message: Members reserve the right to bitch about the Yahoo for sport. Kind of like Canadians complaining about the weather. If the problems were fixed the sport would be spoiled.

Seriously, I do get the point about the new guy being untrusted. "A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush" and all. Nobody would want to make the switch and then discover the new forum disappeared overnight. There is also the consideration that this group is a well known resource with links pointing to it from many related forums -- that's how I found you. Moving would result in dead links and frustrated potential new blood. So there are some really good reasons not to move.

So I'll just ignore any further complaints about Yahoo.

(Just for the record, I've been listowner elsewhere for 14 years and website admin for a group of sites for 10. I'm just new to you guys. ;-) )

On 26/01/2016 7:05 AM, @DavidG [TekScopes] wrote:

SPOT ON , Stefan!!!

"Short story is, as much as people dislike and distrust yahoo, in the
end it turns out they distrust you even more (hard truth, I know).

And they definitely do not like change, at all.

Until yahoo croaks for good (which is likely) you are wasting your time."

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