Re: help wanted ..console port or service port for TDSxxx

David Thomas

Hi "bddich",
you need a board with a 68xxx compatible UART chip and some
decode logic to do this. From there, you will get a pretty standard
RS232 connection into Hyperterminal.

There are circuits around on the Tek site - main problem is that the
original UART they used is a bit hard to find nowadays - there are
others which I think are compatible at a register level...

I have been thinking about making one of these for myself - if I do, any
interest from the group for PCBs, or finished boards?

Best Regards

David T


On 25/01/2016 22:54, bddicch@... [TekScopes] wrote:

Hello can someone help me out and tell me how to connect to the
console port from my tds scope.
it is the 2x10 edge connector on the processor PCB.

building an adapter to connect the RS232/Centronics board (option 13)
to that connector. required pin assigment is:

Console port -Opt Board - Signal Name
A10 - 1 (D24)
B10 - 3 (D25)
A9 - 5 (D26)
B9 - 7 (D27)
B8 - 2 (D28)
A7 - 4 (D29)
B7 - 6 (D30)
A6 - 8 (D31)

B1 - 21 (A1)
A1 - 23 (A2)
B2 - 25 (A3)
A2 - 22 (A4)
+5V 24 (A5)
GND 26 (A6)

B5 - 12 (INT#)
B4 - 15 (IOCS#)
A5 - 16 (SYSRESET#)
A4 - 17 (RNW)
+5V - 18
+5V - 11

B6 +5V

but these are the pins from the console port connector. My question
howto connect to this port to my laptop and open a terminal console
over the RS232 port.

any body can help me out and give more info?

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