Re: Viable alternative to Yahoo


On Tue, 26 Jan 2016, Dwayne Verhey tekscopes@... [TekScopes] wrote:

Who said anything about charging or paying? I do not propose any fees (or advertising -- I hate advertising). I already have the bandwidth and storage to support this.

I was thinking of Mailman for an e-mail discussion list, or PHPBB for a web forum. Mailman has a web archive similar to Yahoo, but no means of submitting or replying via the web interface. PHPBB has e-mail notification capability, but posts are only via the web interface. If the ability to post from both e-mail and a web UI is important, I could try setting up a Drupal based site with Mailman integration, but I've not tried that before, so there would be a learning curve at my end.
This is a perennial topic that comes up at least several times a year. Until Yahoo finally completely falls apart, I don't really see this email list/group going anywhere. I happen to know someone who has both the infrastructure and background to host these sorts of lists (already hosts a number of high traffic email lists and has done so for well over a decade), and if Yahoo does eventually go belly up or decide to discontinue support for these groups, he would be the first person I would contact.

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