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On 1/25/2016 3:06 PM, 'Dennis Tillman' @Dennis_Tillman_W7PF [TekScopes] wrote:

Hi Malcom,
I have bought from them several times and never encountered a tobacco smell.
I would have remembered if I had, since I have been a non-smoker all my
life. My dad was a lifelong cigar smoker and I can't stand the smell of
cigars to this day. Apparently we have a lot of non-smokers in the forum
judging from the comments I am seeing.


Back in the late 1980s, I served as a technical editor for Test & Measurement World magazine
which shared open-office space with EDN magazine, both Cahners publications at that time.
Cahners had an explicit "smoking allowed" policy, and a certain EDN editor smoked cigars.

As a nonsmoker I recall asking, on several occasions, "Is that a good cigar, or do I smell a transformer fire?"

It was unclear whether the editor in question was Not Amused, but he couldn't fire me<g>.

(Come to think of it, a transformer fire smells better than a cigar....)


Brad AA1IP

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