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Ok thanks..
Are there alot of caps that should be replaced and any other mods that should be done ???
As far as preventive maintenance parts goes, I replaced all of the electrolytic capacitors, the 5 Rifa brand safety capacitors, the 1M ohm carbon comp resistors in the high voltage divider, and some other misc resistors.

The 6 silver colored Mallory capacitors on the main board are an absolute must replace item, and if your 2215 still has the original parts installed, you'll probably find that they are beginning to leak from their bottom seals.

I used new manufacture carbon comp resistors for the 1M ohm resistors, however after the discussion on the list, I picked up some high voltage rated film parts that I plan to replace those with the next time I have the scopes opened up.

The difficulties I ran into with the 2213 scopes were that the component leads are bent down to hold the parts in before they were soldered, and the two small electrolytics on the front panel board were difficult to get to (I used some long tweezers to fit them).

While some people claim that the small 5mm and 6.3mm capacitors never fail, some of the small electrolytics in my scopes were visibly leaking or had corrosion on their leads which was only visible after removing them, so I think replacing them is a good idea.

I posted this link previously, but some photos of my scopes can be found here:

Overall, the 2213/2215 isn't a scope I would recommend for a beginner, but if you have the patience and a vacuum soldering tool, they aren't that hard to service.

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