Re: Tek 2215


On Sun, 24 Jan 2016, joe black jasontucker70@... [TekScopes] wrote:

Oh I found this page on rebuilding the switch too.. I need to find some info on rebuilding the power supply caps I have read they have alot of issues with ..
I didn't find it necessary to disassemble the switch apart from removing the add-on safety shield they added over the top of the switch. To remove it without cracking it, you have to slide it off the switch towards the back, and even then it can still crack.

While the power switch is the same, keep in mind that the main board in the 2213A/2215A is completely different from the board used in the 2213/2215.

When you get you scope, if it has the preregulator assembly, I can see about compiling a list of the parts I used for my scopes. Most of them will be the same but you would need to add the capacitors they used on the dual timebase board.

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