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I have a Tek 2215 not 2215A scope coming and it needs some work .. The power button is stuck on and the handle will not lock into place because there's a few plastic knobs broke off or bent.Are these common problems ?? Also I have read a couple places that these have some issues,is there anything I should replaced or rebuilt before I put it to normal use...
I have multiple 2213 scopes which use the same chassis and main board as the 2215 but lack the dual timebase.

The stuck power switch seems to affect most of the 2213/2215 scopes. If you can get some contact cleaner in there, it will loosen up the dried out grease. I ended up having to desolder the power switches in my 2213 scopes because they used a plastic safety shield over the switches which could not be removed without removing the switch. Even then I managed to crack at least one of the safety shields and had to solvent weld it back together. I completely flushed the switches out with contact cleaner and then applied a small amount of control lube.

The knobs and control shafts might be a hassle. If you are lucky there may be a few of the right type listed on eBay. I had to replace the front bezel for one of my 2213 scopes and I had to wait awhile for one of those to turn up at a halfway reasonable price.

I fully overhauled my 2213 scopes and replaced a lot of parts and still have more work I plan to do to them. I've not yet done a full write up, but some of my notes can be found in the list archives.

If you don't have them already, you will need a T7 and a T10 torx driver to get the scope apart. The T7 screws on all of my scopes were frozen and after breaking my precision T7 driver while trying to remove them, I picked up some Wera 867/4 series bits.

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