7603 weirdo inverted Z axis

Marian B

Among other issues with this 7603 were the Z axis operation, it seemed
like a blanking issue (beam is not blanked correctly), but on closer
inspection it is a bit more involved:

The intensity control works reversed (fully CCW is maximum intens, fully
CW blanks the beam). This is not a cabling issue.

Blanking signals are correctly processed by the Z axis logic, and the Z
axis amplifier produces the correct voltages on pin B (about 20 V with
P1171 open for a blanked beam, and about 90 V with maximum input current
for maximum intensity). I also cross checked this against a working 7623
just to be sure that I analyzed the circuitry correctly and understood
the circuit description.

So the inversion must happen somewhere else. I previously replaced all
HV caps in the HV unit, including the DC restorers. Now I also replaced
all diodes in the grid DC bias restorer. No change in behaviour.

The focus amplifier, preset and front panel control all work correctly.

I don't know what else I could check or what else could cause this.
Maybe someone here has another idea?


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