Re: TDS544A status


My TDS784D does this as well. I recapped the CRT driver board, which
alleviated this for a spell. I was in email contact with another TDS owner
who found that in his case it was due to degradation of the connections to
the horizontal deflection coil. Apparently there's reasonable peak currents
there and the connector is not so hot.
Once I get through the pile of HP gear hogging my bench ATM, I'll give the
connections a look-see and a good clean, as this random, flickering
shearing is a little annoying.

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Now I'm getting paranoid - I just remembered that lately the 754A display
sometimes has slight flickering in the display shortly after power-up, and
then would be OK after warming up a bit. I hope this is not a sign of
impending doom like a flaw in the HV transformer that gets worse as
happened in the 544A. I'm thinking about maybe opening it up to see if
there's any evidence of HV leakage on the outside of the transformer.


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