Re: TDS754A printer compatibiliy



I have a TDS 544A and it has a centronics parallel port. I have used it with several printers that use the standard HP PCL language. Set the printer options to output to the centronics port and select the laserjet format.

It should work. The PCL format uses ASCII characters and it a very common standard in the older, more expensive printers, from many vendors. Many current printers also support PCL but you have to check the specifications. Very inexpensive printers now do most of the formatting in the PC and require proprietary drivers.

I hope this information helps. I am assuming the your TDS 754A has similar options.

In my TDS 544A there is also a floppy disk that you can use to save standard image formats. These formats can be processed by most PC drawing and word processing programs. That is another way to get a screen print into a document or print it out.

Al Jamison

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