Re: 7603 Strange HV Need Help


I have never encountered this problem with silver or these TI ICs of
which I have lots but I have with thick gold. I assume the leads are
FeNi42 which was a common lead frame material in the past and whatever
process which is needed to plate silver to FeNi42 was lacking.

Maybe silver sulphide which is that black tarnish you find on silver
can form between the lead frame material and the silver isolating it.

On 21 Jan 2016 15:42:36 -0800, you wrote:

In a nutshell, there is something seriously galvanically and/or metallurgically wrong with those TI IC leads with Ag plating. Over time, and depending on the environment, the bond between the Ag plating and whatever is underneath disintegrates, literally disconnecting the outside surface from the leadframe material, causing loss of contact. I have even seen this in leads that were soldered to the board clean through.


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