Re: TDS754A printer compatibiliy


Hey Ed,

I've never hooked a printer to my TDS784D, but I did get this <> to work. I forget the details of the
setup and operation, but it wasn't too involved.
It looks like John has recently added host initiated print requests for the
TDSen, which should make this easy enough to use.
The downside is that you need a computer and GPIB on the bench, in addition
to a printer - if all you were after is a hard copy.


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TekScopes@...> wrote:

I posted about this a while ago but no response. I have tried a Brother
HL-2040 (about 10 years old or so) via the Centronix port, hoping to luck
out and have it miraculously work, but no. Trying various printer types
available in the menus, the most I could get it to do is spit out blank
pages. Does anyone know if Tek ever had updates for their built-in printer
drivers? It seems like there should have been a way to keep up with the
newer printers over the years. I was hoping to have simple hardcopy output
available, but I doubt that any printers of the same vintage as the scope
have aged as well.

I searched around and found nothing about scope printer drivers - maybe it
was never a big feature.


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