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Dwayne Verhey <yg@...>


It sounds like the balance of probability is that at the time the 400
series scopes were introduced, 20MHz was a typical scope BW, so it
wasn't necessary to mention it; but by the time the 2400 series was
introduced there were enough 100 and 200MHz scopes around that Tek's
techs figured they better clarify things for people like me.

On 15/01/2016 10:37 PM, Sigurður Ásgeirsson siggi@... [TekScopes]

Hey Dwayne,

In the service manual for the 2400-series scopes it clearly specified to
use 20MHz bandwidth for PSU ripple measurement. I also believe it's a
de-facto standard for this, as noise is a monotonic function of bandwidth.
That being said I checked the service manual for my 485, which just lists
acceptable ripple without further spec.

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