modeled some new things with solvespace and FreeCAD (was: 351-0449-00 PCB Holder )

John Griessen

On 01/15/2016 07:25 PM, Sigurður Ásgeirsson siggi@... [TekScopes] wrote:
Hey Chris,

I modelled the thing in FreeCad and uploaded to ShapeWays <
<>> to see how
that works.
I haven't test-printed the thing - will do that on Monday, so absolutely no
guarantee that this is fit for any purpose ATM. The outline dimensions on
ShapeWays seem to fit my broken one here, so that's something.
It seems ShapeWays wants $2.88/pc for a "White strong and flexible nylon"
version of this, plus shipping (this is zero markup, cause monetary profit
is not what we do here).
I also modeled some new things with solvespace and FreeCAD and have just launched it
as an open hardware project on

It's an outdoor radio node enclosure system of stackable modules for when your design grows
in volume as a prototype, then slims down some, then gets a custom enclosure later...
or, if you're a hobbyist it just grows and grows and you get more of them for the nest project...

I do intend to make profit on it. So I can evolve it further and sell it to willing buyers
at a reasonable price to pay for my lab where I design things. Then there are many field biologists
that need a full hardware/software system for solar powered instrumentation in the wilds.

John Griessen

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