Re: WTB: 7A13 or 7A22 plugin for 7000 series scopes

Marian B

If he can barter a *really* good discount due to this issue it might
still be worth keeping. If only the gears are missing and the divider
and pot mechanism are still intact the only thing missing is a readout.
Miniature 7-segment LEDs are still available and with modern ADCs and
MCUs it should be no issue space-wise to fit a retrofit and interesting
to design. The fact that the reference is conditionally inverted by
re-wiring the circuit makes it a bit harder, but not by much.

Or one could hook into the readout system of the mainframe and use the
upper field instead. That would actually be more handy in my opinion
than the original mechanical / LED readout!

Cheers, Marian

On 13.01.2016 00:43, 'Dennis Tillman' @Dennis_Tillman_W7pF [TekScopes] wrote:

Hi Nerdfulthings,
It isn't functional if it doesn't have gears. Without gears you won't be
able to change the comparison voltage and that is the main reason to own
this plugin.
There are no drawings for the gears. These particular gears would not be
worth making.
If the seller accepts returns as you said then since it is not
functional you have a legitimate reason to return it.

Dennis Tillman W7PF

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I have a metal lathe available, are there any drawings for making your
own brass or 3d print gears?
I just got a 7a13 early off ebay, and most of the gear parts are missing.
The seller said it was functional and takes returns, so should I
return it?

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