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Marian B

Ahhh, the 7504 was "the first" 7k mainframe! That finally explains (at
least for me :-) why it so different in the electromechanical design
(swing-out PCB riser card thingy, point to point wiring in the PSU,
readout board specific to this mainframe, everything gold plated like
it's Saddam's personal scope, ...) from the other mainframes.

Cheers, Marian

maintain my 7kcollection. (see attachment)
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On 12.01.2016 23:06, Rens Tel rensetel@... [TekScopes] wrote:

Hi, Yes, Iworked at Tek Heerenveen, but not my entire working live.I
workedthere for about 10 years, starting in 1969 as
tester/troubleshooter of the ‘tube’ oscilloscopes and plugins (s.a. 1S1
and556). In the early 70tis the 7K series was introduced, starting with
the7504, 7A16,7A13, 7B50, 7B51 etc. I took part of thestartup of the 7k
production line and worked at this department until 1978 whenI left Tek
and started by own business. Workingat Tek was pleasant and relaxed. Now
as aretired person, I found my old love back again and started and
maintain my 7kcollection. (see attachment) Themaker of the YouTube movie
(Ad van de Graaf) is an old college of mine, I knowhim well.

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