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Look in the download section for the A1 board recap guide by our own "machineguy". It's the only one in existence that I'm aware of. The other boards are covered by multiple contributors here, do a search, and don't forget to include 2467B too in the search terms since some boards are common.

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I joined this group because other people referred it to me as an excellent
source for Tektronix oscilloscope information and like minded people.

I recently purchased a 2465B CT scope, which worked for a few minutes and then
died with a "pop". So, I am refurbishing it. My first step will be to replace
the failed components (C1016, C1018 and R1016). Next I will recap the entire
scope. I have already ordered the parts from Mouser based on the service
manual. I know that there are a few inaccuracies - polar vs. bipolar, radial
vs. axial, aluminum electrolytic vs. tantalum electrolytic, etc.. Once I have
opened the scope and can get to all of the boards, I will need to order a few
additional parts. I expect this process to take me through January.

I have all of the service manuals except the 24x5 / 2467 Options Service
Manual. I have not been able to find that online anywhere.

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