Re: Thank you, garbage fairy!

ken chalfant

Over the years I too have had some wonderful gifts bestowed on my by the garbage fairy.

Most recently a wonderful little SONY DVD player. Just a tiny bit of cleaning and an USD 8.00 remote off of eBay and the little guy works great!

Many years ago my best find ever was an HP-54501A, 100MHz DSO. Perfect physical and operational condition - and it still works just fine.

Somehow, for a mystical creature capable of such wonderful gifts “Garbage Fairy” seems harsh and unfavorable. Perhaps we can find a better name!



from Tim P (UK)

I once rescued a tangled mass of BNC cables that someone probably didn't
fancy untangling, and, buried in this rats-nest were two P6062B probes !
(Both work - no cable breaks.)

I was walking to the grocery store and I found a Combibind on the sidewalk
with the recycling...

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