Re: Tek Old Timer Question

Michael Bender <Michael.Bender@...>

Stefan Trethan wrote:
On Thu, 5 May 2005 13:53:01 -0700, Dennis Tillman <> wrote:

Here's the question(s): Does anyone know what that paste was made of or
where to get more of it? Tek was very proud of their own transformer
facility so what did they use to clean the enamel off the windings in their
Not sure what that paste was, but i have come across 2 enamel stripping methods:
Heat on aspirin tablet with soldering iron (i suggest old iron tho no adverse effects known).
Heat with flame to burn enamel, then plunge into alcohol while still hot to clean copper.
I use thin enamel wire for point-to-point wiring for small projects,
and I put the end that I want "stripped" into a small blob of molten
solder on the end of my iron and in a short while, the enamel is gone
(to the great enamel repository in the sky, perhaps :-).


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