FS: T935A **Parts Unit** $20 + shipping


I have one that is:

- missing the channel 1 range knob (shaft snapped flush with from panel)
- missing detents on several controls (like timebase VAR knob)
- missing ground pin on power cord (what were they thinking??)

known function:

- has sweep
- focuses
- controllable intensity
- ch 1 trace position operates as expected

This is a parts unit. There may be other issues I did not discover in my cursory look. It's in generally "good used' physical condition. Panels, case, and remaining knobs in good shape, tube is bright with no obvious burns.You might get it running with some work, but I wouldn't make or recommend that effort.

Photos on request. If you have specific parts interests let me know and I'll see if I can check a function or get specific photos.

$20 + actual shipping (no charge for packing) or pickup in DFW metro (Southlake)

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