Re: 475 Time Base Setting Problem


I believe I need a Time Mark Generator for that and, unfortunately, I'm flying blind there as I don't have one.
I probably haven't been clear. If you use your 'scope to look at the ~1 KHz calibrator signal and a 60 or 120 Hz mains signal using different tim/div settings, you'll get an impression. I expect values to be way off if it's an integrator problem. Obviously, I'm not trying to push you. It just seems so simple and quick to do. However, I believe you'll find the times to be ok.

I'm still planning on disassembling and cleaning the cam switches but I want to make sure I check all
possibilities when I'm in there so I don't have to go back in again after a cleaning and re-check.
Obviously I'll check R1083 and R1084 but I don't think they're open...out of tolerance maybe, but not open.
I'm just puzzled. One check indicates R1083/R1084 or Switch 9 are open yet another check indicates they're
I don't expect anyone to put in the hours I have. I just thought if there was someone out there who
knows more about the circuit than me they might be able to explain what I'm seeing before I tear
into removing those boards.
I fully understand and appreciate, John. It's just a challenge to me and it would be nice if I could help.


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