Re: 475 Time Base Setting Problem

John Clark

Thanks for the help! That was my hunch, as well. However, if I set the time to .5uS (a problematic time setting) that opens switch #15, closes switch #14, closes switch #9, and opens switch #8. This feeds 50V through all the series resistors (R1083-R1088,) switch #9 and back through switch #14 to P5-5. Since I still get -.556VDC on P5-5
on that setting doesn't that mean switch #9 and R1083 and R1084 are not open
and not dirty enough to bring the .6VDC out of spec? If R1083, R1084,
and/or switch #9 were o/c I wouldn't get that voltage. Maybe I'm missing something...

Date: Fri, 6 Nov 2015 06:04:28 -0800
Subject: [TekScopes] Re: 475 Time Base Setting Problem

Either R1083 or R1084 has effectively gone o/c. is my hunch


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