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I think I will pursue my aim in getting a model with the CTT option as
the triggering options may be of benefit. I have used later Tek scopes at
work with enhanced triggering so have some familiarity with what is
available. I did find the spec for the Option 06 and the counter tolerance
is well within my requirements (whilst in calibration!).

I should mention that the CTT option is not entirely without cost; because
the triggers are routed through the option board, you get higher jitter and

As mentioned the later model will be less likely to need the capacitors
replacing but a 2465B would be around 20 years old now so some
refurbishment would be of benefit sometime soon (agreed?)
Many of the 2465Bs have SMT on the A5 control/readout board. There are SMT
capacitors on that board that are extremely prone to leakage, and probably
ought to be changed ASAP.
The other maintenance is the NVRAM. It's a Dallas chip with a built-in
battery, and when the battery goes, so do your calibration constants.
My 2467 has a date code of 85 on the keeper, and it's still going strong,
though as I'm equipped to calibrate the scope I'm not too worried.

One final question, I have seen a scope with 18757 hrs run and 1566 power
cycles (it is a 2465B, Serial No. B014618). Is this typical and could it
have be reset?
The counter is not a reliable indicator of the lifetime usage. The
calibration procedure has a step "CAL 05", where one step is "d. Press and
release the lower TRIGGER SOURCE and then press and release the lower
TRIGGER MODE to reset HRS ON and PWR ON/OFF to zero." - e.g. the intent
seems to be to count hours from last calibration.
If there's a calibration sticker on it, you can perhaps extrapolate to the
lifetime usage...

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