Re: RM503 ongoing repair saga T620 UNWOUND.


Well the reason I set up and did the tests were for a couple of reasons.

1. It's another way to measure L with not much more then a scope and pulse
generator, and it covers a higher current mode then other methods. And it's
not clear to me yet where and when the loss are come in to play for at the
operating point. ( sort of like capacitors changing value with the DC
voltage applied)

2. I have not gotten there yet but I was interested in seeing if an arc over
can be "seen" in this test. ( I think one transformer I have does not yet
have a constant short but arcs over only at a higher voltage)

3. I think the properties of the core can be found, and I would like to look
for other cores of a similar nature to do some practice winding/testing on.

4. My interest is 25% to wind a new transformer and 75% to understand
inductors better.

So in terms of just winding a transformer I think I am doing a bunch of
stuff that is not directly necessary but is more educational for me.


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