Re: Newbie Here - Intro Selfie

bill koski

Just because it's old doesn't mean it's worthless. At home most of my equipment is vintage having lots of Tek, HP, even some Heathkit and Knight pieces. I use everything from a just purchased USB based spectrum analyzer to my trusty Tek 556 scope which I have about a dozen plugins for including a 1L5 spectrum analyzer plugin (still working on that). Not only a great scope but it keeps my office warm in the winter time and (this important) it looks really cool when you walk in:) What it mostly boils down to is how good of shape a unit is in to start with and how rare a unit it is. If it'll cost you more than what you could buy one in better shape off Ebay or from a Ham show, etc. then you might consider it a parts unit and buy another.

Bought my 556 for $25 from a Ham show complete with 2 plugins and complete manual. It needed an 8608 tube that cost me 35 bucks but still a bargain IMO. And have been happy ever since.

There's something greatly satisfying about salvaging an old piece from a land fill then using it to bring your next quest back to life!

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