Re: Anyone replaced the battery in a DS1286 RTC?


Thanks for taking the effort to do that research.
I believe that your suggested solution of adding a crystal and battery to a
DS1284 is the best solution. I get a fresh battery for the least hassle.

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[I'm coming in late, and have not read the whole thread. Sorry. If I say
something that's already been disproved, let me know offline.]

For what it's worth, I skimmed recent negative feedback comments on the three
sellers (in Hong Kong and China) who have moved over 200 parts in total, and
not a single complaint is about a DS1286. About 1/4 of the complaints ARE
about fakes of other parts, however.

That doesn't mean they aren't re-marked to fake a recent date, just that if
so, nobody's tumbled to it.

If I was in your predicament, I'd buy a DS1284, spread the legs to .720", and
glue a crystal and battery onto its back.

Dave Wise

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Why not send that response to the seller and ask him to comment on it.
Don't hold your breath waiting for a reply.

Also, drop a dime on them to e-Bay.

73, Dick, W1KSZ

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Here is the response I got today from Maxim regarding the late date code
parts being offered on ebay:

*** begin quote***

The lead-free part was discontinued in 2008. I looked at EBAY and checking
date codes on the parts that had pictures we found that we did not
parts in these date codes. The parts are counterfeit.

The suggested alternate to the DS1286 is the DS1511. You can find the data
on-line at :

***end quote***

I checked the DS1511 pinout and it is not directly compatible. I would
have to
make an adapter board.


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Let's hope they are not counterfeit.

On Jan 20, 2015 4:32 PM, "Steve Hogan stevehogan@...
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I quoted Note #9 in my inquiry to Maxim. One ebay seller had a 2001
All the others had date codes from 2010 to 2012. These were all DS1286
(lead-free) parts. It was not uncommon for manufacturers to obsolete
tin-lead packages and keep making the lead-free parts for a while
only the tin-lead parts were obsoleted in 2006. If so, I am home free
order a late date code part from ebay. I don't want to take my RTC
if I
don't absolutely have to.


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From Maxim's datasheet.....................

9. Each DS1284/DS1286 is marked with a four-digit date code AABB. AA
designates the year of
manufacture. BB designates the week of manufacture. The expected tDR
defined as starting at the
date of manufacture.

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