Re: Anyone replaced the battery in a DS1286 RTC?


It is my understanding that the DS1286 on the AM700 is used strictly as a
Clock/Timer. There is a separate Battery on the Motherboard for the NVRam. I
don't therefore think that the calibration settings, etc. are stored in the RTC.
I haven't studied this real carefully, but I think that's how it works. I don't
think I will need to recalibrate after replacement, I will just have to reset
the Date and the clock, which can be done from the front panel.

It looks like the date codes on the DS1286 on ebay might be 2010, 2011, 2012 if
the first 4 digits of the first number string represent the date. However, if
the last manufacture date was 2006 it makes no sense that there could be 2010,
2011, 2012 date codes that are legit. I am writing to MAXIM to try to clarify
which numbers are the date code.


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It is a shame you cannot dump the calibration memory from the RTC onto
temporary storage for re-loading after you replace the battery. I believe
the battery is mounted towards the top and you would not have to tamper
with the component leads. Still, it would appear to be a nightmare job. I
dread the day that my RTCs start to fail. I wonder how much charge would
be dumped from a new battery into the old one if you just paralleled them???


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> Even if you won't use them it might be worth it to have something you
> can practice on.
> I believe I have seen photos and a description of how to hack into one
> before.
> ST
> On Tue, Jan 20, 2015 at 9:34 PM, Steve Hogan
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> wrote:
> > Maxim stopped making these in 2006. Although there are lots of them out
> there
> > for sale, they are all new old stock or counterfeit. They are at least
> 10 years
> > old already, so it is actually a better fix to attach a new battery,
> albeit a
> > much more difficult fix. You at least get a new start on another 10
> years.
> >

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