Re: WTB: AC/DC current probe

Chris Wilkson

Whoops I did forget the frequency. As I'm looking to purchase a single "does it all" probe. I do have some switching applications in the 5-10Mhz region. I think a 50MHz probe would be ok for harmonics capture. True DC is not critical, but very nice to have. I would definitely need to be well below 60 Hz.

I mentioned a few mA to a few amps, maybe up to 10A. Again....wide ranges to avoid having a pile of probes.
I would like to have good resolution in the 0-50mA range but still be able to measure a few amps without it blowing up.

This would be mainly for power supply stuff and random PCB development so clip-on would be important.

Small is preferable. I'd rather not have something so big and heavy that physically supporting it during extended testing is a concern.

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