Re: 2335 vertical issues (2335/2336/2337 service manual needed)

Egberto Galas

Hi, thanks ! I was able to narrow it down to that IC, switching between the same IC on the two channel and verifying the problem does "move" to the second channel once switching them. I was able to source on for 35$, but as well was wondering if the IC itself can be repaired. It's an hybrid, the top is a plastic cover while the bottom of the part has some kind of transparent "glue", protecting the inner board. What would you suggest to be able to remove this protection layer and cover, and hopefully to 'repair' that unit ? and what 'baking' means ? does it mean literally having it heated in an oven ?

There's an old trick fixing a similar type of IC named 80017A (which is a synthesizer part). The trick is sinking it in acetone over night and then taking all vinyl layer off, 'cleaning' it. That does the trick most of the times...

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